waterTALENT Provides Temporary Licensed Water-Wastewater Operator Staffing Services (sponsored)

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waterTALENT has over 600 licensed, qualified, experienced water and wastewater operators (mostly Grades 3, 4, and 5) who deploy to districts and utilities around California that are enduring a staff transition and in need of experienced operators for water/wastewater treatment, distribution, collections, control systems technicians, electrical-mechanical technicians, and a number of other specialties.

With COVID-19 causing quite the stir in daily operations for utilities around the country, many cities and districts are struggling to put contingency plans for staffing in place in the event one of their own staff should become adversely affected.

waterTALENT operators are typically available for as little or as long as needed to fill in for a vacancy due to retirement, a planned/unplanned leave of absence, vacation, general difficulties recruiting a full-time hire, or perhaps most relevant in these recent times, emergency planning. waterTALENT can prove to be a viable solution to help bridge the gap on the operator staffing front to maintain compliance, prevent operator burnout, and/or ensure the day-to-day operations are properly accounted until your utility is able to get back to 100%.

waterTALENT’s operators are all licensed, thoroughly vetted, background checked, drug screened, reference checked, and covered by the highest insurance & workers comp coverage (waterTALENT W2 employees, not 1099 contractors) in the industry and are yours for as little or as long as it takes to get back on your feet. In addition to temp staffing, waterTALENT provides a wide range of ancillary services including:

  • Interim/temporary operator staffing services: everything from conventional water/wastewater treatment to distribution to reuse and Advanced Water Treatment.
  • Emergency/disaster recovery & response for both water and wastewater.
  • Technical consultation or troubleshooting for new technologies.
  • Facility start-up, commissioning, and SOP-writing.
  • Staff training, mentorship, coaching.

Let waterTALENT help you with your temporary operator staffing needs. 

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