State Water Board Issues Reminder on Sanitary Sewer System Annual Reports

All WDR permit holders need to submit reports by April 1
Announcement from the State Water Board, Collection Systems, Wastewater News

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This is a reminder that the Sanitary Sewer System Annual Report is due on April 1, 2024, as specified in section 3.9 (Annual Report) of Attachment E1 (Notification, Monitoring, Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements) of the Sanitary Sewer Systems General Order (link: Sanitary Sewer Systems General Order.)

General Order, Section 5.11(System Performance Analysis), outlines the requirements for including running 10-year system performance analysis graphs in the Annual Report.

The linked document “Annual Report Guidance” provides step-by-step instructions for submitting the Annual Report and includes instructions for generating and uploading the system performance analysis graphs.

A link to the guidance document will be posted on the Sanitary Sewer Systems General Order website:

If you have questions, please email: [email protected]

Thank you.