Most CWEA awards start at the Local Section with the exception of a few (see Special Awards). Each applicant will use their CWEA member ID to log into the CWEA awards system to select the Local Section they are applying in and the category of award. Once the application has been completed, the awards are sent to each Local Section for review/judging. Local Sections must use the State application for all awards. See the awards policy here.

The highest score in each section for each category will move on to the State level automatically. There is no need to submit another application at the state level with the exception of Collection System of the Year and Safety Plant of the Year where a second round of questions will be made available to complete the application.

Once all Local Sections have submitted their winners, CWEA will share those winners with each committee. Each committee will assign judges for their category.

Committee judges review and provide scores for each application by the deadline specified.

The highest score from each category will be assigned the first place winner and move into the Winners Gallery. These first place winners will also receive plaques at the Annual Conference.

July 1 – Awards program goes live.

December 9 – Final local section winners are due to CWEA. Local Sections will need to decide on the winners of their awards by this date.

December 19 – Collection System Maintenance Plant of the Year and Safety Plant of the Year Part Two applications due to state.

December 23 – All section winners are sent to committees for state review.
(Including non Local Section applications like Crystal Crucible; PICK; Gimmicks & Gadgets; Pomeroy; Golden Manhole)

February 17 – Quarter Century and 5S (Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers) applications due

February 17 – All state winners (from committees) due to CWEA.

March 3 – CWEA Membership and External Relations Committee (MER) approves winners; winners are notified; plaques are ordered; AC materials finalized. Nominees will be notified via email by the MER chair and invited to attend the Annual Conference at the early bird rate.

March 1 – Photo Contest applications due

April 22-25– Plaques are distributed at the Annual Conference

Central San Joaquin (CSJ)
Colorado River Basin (CORBS)
Desert and Mountain (DAMS)
Golden Empire (GES)
Los Angeles Basin (LABS) November 7 Cody Duncan
Monterey Bay (MBS)
North Coast (NCS)
Northern Sacramento Valley (NSVS)
Northern San Joaquin (NSJ)
Sacramento Area (SAC)
Redwood Empire (RES) October 31 Giuseppe Tomasino
San Diego (SD)
San Francisco Bay (SFBS) November 8 Nick Steiner
Santa Ana River Basin (SARBS) November 9 Dindo Carrillo
Santa Clara Valley (SCVS) November 22 Louis Sun
Sierra Section
Tri Counties (TRI) November 22 Jared Pickens

Need to change the section deadline or contact info? Contact Megan Barillo.

These awards are reviewed and recognized by the state committees and are not reviewed by the Local Sections.

Award Committee
Gimmicks and Gadgets Collection System  & Operations and Maintenance Committee (Cash award)
Golden Manhole Collection System Committee (Pin award)
PICK Collection System Committee (Pin award)
Richard D. Pomeroy Collection System Committee
Crystal Crucible Laboratory Committee (Pin award)
5S Select Society of Sanitary Shovelers (Pin award)
Film Festival (Every 3 years) Community Engagement and Outreach
CWEA Quarter Century NRC/SRC Committee (Pin award)
Kirt Brooks Scholarship Scholarship Committee
WEF Distinguished Honors & Awards WEF Website
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