Veterans In Water: Dale Austin, Senior Pump and Motor Technician

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Dale Austin, Senior Pump and Motor Technician
Tenure and certifications held: 20 Years D3, T2, Mech Tech 2
Name of agency: Vallecitos Water District
Branch/years of service: Army 82/85 Navy 85/90


What is your role?
As a Senior pump tech, I’m responsible for all water pump and pressure stations. Sewer lift stations, Emergency generators, Sewer treatment Plant, Chemical feed equipment, Upgrades to aging equipment.

What/who inspired you to work in water?
I had a neighbor that worked for a district and he always told me about the benefits and many great opportunity.

What fuels your passion for your work?
I love working with my hands and the challenges of designing and installing new equipment and processes.

What is the biggest mis-perception about working in water?
The public doesn’t understand what it takes to deliver water and sewer services. When they learn you always get a WOW, that a lot.

Why should veterans join this field?
It’s a great career path with many different jobs to choose from. Its also a close knit group/family that is similar to active duty.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
Knowing that my equipment is always ready to deliver water, convey sewer to treatment plants, fire control.

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