EVMWD Honors Veterans: Recognizing the Heroic Service of Veteran Staff on Veterans Day and the U.S. Marine Corps’ Birthday

Veterans in Water

Provided by Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (EVMWD) is proud to pay tribute to the service and valor of veteran staff members on this Veterans Day and United States Marine Corps’ Birthday. Their unwavering dedication to both their country and EVMWD has been
instrumental in their mission to providing essential water services to our community.

EVMWD is committed to acknowledging the unique strengths and skills our veteran employees bring to our organization, and we are honored to recognize the following distinguished veterans among our staff:

United States Marines:
Greg Thomas, General Manager
Esau (Jr.) Olivo, Water Systems Maintenance Worker III- Construction Maintenance
Kelia Jones, Engineering Project Coordinator
Andrew Ferrer, IT Technician II
Carlos Piedra, Facilities Maintenance Worker II

United States Air Force:
Harvey Ryan, Director- Division 2, EVMWD Board of Directors
Scott Hooper, Water Systems Maintenance Worker II- Field Services

United States Navy:
Shane Atkisson, Electrical Technician III, Mechanical Maintenance
Brian Grieser, Collection System Maintenance Worker I
Eric Laidlaw, Mechanical Technician II, Mechanical Maintenance ** Also served in the United States Air National Guard

United States Army National Guard:
Keith Ray, Wastewater Collection Systems Superintenden

United Kingdom Royal Air Force:
Michael (Mick) Smith, Maintenance Technician- Mechanical Maintenance

The experiences, dedication, and leadership of these veterans have been instrumental in maintaining the high standard of service and reliability that EVMWD provides to the community.

On this special day, which also marks the 248th birthday of the United States Marine Corps, EVMWD celebrated the occasion with a cake cutting ceremony in honor of the Marine Corps’ Birthday as well as Veterans Day. The camaraderie and shared commitment of our staff were on full display as we paid tribute to the pivotal role our veterans have played in preserving freedom and our community’s access to vital water services.

Andy Morris, EVMWD Board President, commented, “We are incredibly proud of the men and women who have served our country and who continue to serve our community at EVMWD. Their commitment to excellence, discipline, and teamwork are qualities that enrich our workforce and directly contribute to the success of EVMWD.”

EVMWD remains committed to fostering a workplace that values the contributions of all employees, including our veterans, and to maintaining an environment that honors their service.