Meet Emerging Leader – Flor Burrola, LA Sanitation & Environment

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Flor Burrola is committed to environmental sustainability. As a civil engineering associate II with LA Sanitation & Environment (LASAN), she feels great about where she is and passionate about the projects she works on.   

“I’m lucky to be working with the city’s Wastewater Engineering Services Division, planning and collaborating with multiple departments and agencies,” she says.  

A recent example was a project for the Los Angeles Zoo, where capture and reuse of stormwater collected around the site is now part of the zoo’s master plan. 

Burrola is a graduate of California State University, Los Angeles, and took advantage of a volunteering opportunity with LASAN while in school. “It was a great experience,” she says. “I learned a lot, and (later) I was happy to get hired.” 

That was in 2015. She had no idea of course, that the Covid-19 pandemic lay ahead and she would have to deal with it personally and professionally. 

She says it’s hard not to be with her family, except via phone and video chat. And in the office, she feels virtual meetings can’t replace the visual cues you get when you gather face-to-face interactions, body language, and the facial expressions. “There may be some environmental benefits of meeting online,” she says, “but it’s not the same.”  

“We need both in-person and virtual meetings, LASAN and the city have done a great job keeping everyone in the loop helping us adapt.” 

As an Emerging Leader, Flor intends to keep working on her professional license and looking for environmental sustainable projects to work on. As she puts it: “I want to come to work every day and be passionate about the projects I’m working on.”

We are looking for accomplished water professionals who are making a significant, positive impact on California’s water and they have not yet been recognized for that effort.

Emerging leader describes an individual who:

  • Has demonstrated the potential to assume a leadership role in an organization.
  • Are strong performers who have the potential, ability, and aspiration for continuing their impact on the profession in a leadership role.
  • Show commitment to the organization, exert influence, and demonstrate a willingness to step up and take on more responsibility.
  • Have desire to grow both personally and professionally through networking with like-minded professionals and volunteer work in our profession.
  • Impact will last for a couple of years or more.

Nominators need to be a CWEA member. The nominee does not have to be a CWEA member but should be involved with California water and should live in California. Self nominations are eligible – make your case for the impact you’ve had and you might get picked!

The Emerging Leaders will be selected by a panel of seasoned industry leaders and will be interviewed and profiled in Clean Water.

Nominations due April 1!

Submit application.