CWEA Cal Poly Pomona Chapter Wins 2016-17 Engineering Project Showcase


John Robinson, CWEA LABS President will be speaking to the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) AWWA/CWEA chapter on November 9th. This is his 3rd year speaking to the chapter while mentoring a senior design class for the last 4 years. The senior class last year won the 2016-2017 Engineering Project Showcase: Wastewater Sanitation and Reclamation: Solutions for Sustainable Living.

An outstanding group of students participated in the contest and all were seniors except for one junior. Most of the students entered the work force in both the public and private sectors with only one student continuing her education via grad school. This project was supervised by Dr. Monica Palomo [email protected] their professor. The senior class made presentations to major consultants and agencies to prepare for the showcase. They also met with Mike Markus from Orange County Water District as well as researched how to procure startup funds to install a pilot or the actual project.

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