Brag about your best fixes


Not all innovations come from a research lab. Sometimes, you need to tackle a persistent problem using just what’s at hand and a big shot of ingenuity.

The competition is open to all clever ideas related to

  • treatment processes,
  • maintenance practice,
  • safety measures,
  • collection systems,
  • laboratory practices,
  • stormwater,
  • administration,
  • human resources, or
  • anything else associated with the water sector.

The bottom line: Even if you’re not sure that your innovation qualifies, send it in.

Enter here.

Entry Details

Entry procedures for 2019 contest

Draft about one page of text describing the problem you faced and the fix you found.

  1. Collect up to five photos of your invention or improvement.
  2. Answer three questions:
    • How transferable is this fix to other facilities or locations?
    • How does this fix take safety into account?
    • Where did the materials and any money used for the fix come from?
  3. Visit the Operator Ingenuity Contest submission portal and upload your information.

Deadline is June 7, 2019

What happens next
Selected inventors will be invited to give 10-minute presentations at WEFTEC 2019 in Chicago. (Submitters do not have to write a full WEFTEC paper. What you provide in your submission is all that is needed in writing for the contest.)

Email us at [email protected].