Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

First Place
 Los Angeles Basin Section

Although the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts have vibrant outreach and education programs, we wanted to increase engagement with our neighboring communities. The Districts identified barriers to increased engagement at its Bixby Marshland that included limited awareness, limited access, and the need for additional activities. Awareness was boosted through diverse communication channels, including social media and tour programs. To increase access, the Districts host public access days and offer tours to schools and community groups. To encourage more field trips, the Districts increased reimbursement for buses. Creative collaborations with Harbor-UCLA Medical Center resulted in the development of workshops that integrated indigenous practices, local art, and nature. The outcome was a notable rise in Bixby Marshland utilization. A commissioned mural by artist Jaime Scholnick, showcases the impact of the Districts engagement efforts. Looking ahead, the Districts plan to sustain momentum by supporting workshops, facilitating shuttles, and engaging with more community groups.


Different from CWEA’s Annual Photo Contest the Community Engagement & Outreach: Photography Award recognizes photos taken at events that promote awareness and understanding of water quality issues. These events can include but are not limited to school tours and classroom presentations, activities held at agencies, or at community events.

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