John Abdilla

First Place
 San Francisco Bay Section

After receiving his wastewater certification in 2015, Abdilla was hired by Ironhouse Sanitary District as the plant’s sole maintenance staff member. Since starting at the District, Abdilla has managed multiple maintenances and parts contracts and managed and completed numerous plant maintenance upgrades with contractors. Abdilla has been working closely with contractors on several concurrent projects, including a drum screen rebuild, mechanical screen rebuild, adding hot water heater and plumbing systems into the existing mechanical and drum screen spray systems, as well as adding two compactors to the helix area.

As a certified wastewater professional, Abdilla has the ability to run facility operations and test equipment without taking the time of one of the facility operators at the plant. This has been especially helpful during the COVID-19 crisis when the District is having to deal with running smaller crews.


The Mechanical Technician Person of the Year Award recognizes outstanding performance, dedication to the job, and for sharing knowledge of maintenance procedures.

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