County of San Luis Obispo

First Place
 Tri-Counties Section

The Los Osos Water Recycling Facility is operated by San Luis Obispo County. It is designed to solve a Level III water resource shortage and groundwater pollution in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

The facility capacity is 1.11 million gallons per day (mgd), and is operated by Mr. Loveridge, Grade IV Operator and four operators. They are supported by an Administrative Assistant, Engineering, Lab, and Finance staff. Operators are responsible for maintenance, enhancing their overall skills. They receive continuous safety training and support two other plants, promoting their expertise and career growth. The County invests in their certification advancement by funding their training. Management ensures that each employee receives necessary training to attain their goals.

The facility provides recycled water for groundwater recharge, a golf course, and agriculture users, with future connections planned. The facility has an excellent safety record, going more than 360 days without lost time.


Plant of the Year (Small, Medium, Large)

The Plant of the Year award recognizes accomplishments in compliance, innovative practices, cost effectiveness, and superior plant performance in small, medium and large categories. 

Small (Less than 5 MGD)

Medium (Greater than or equal to 5 MGD and less than or equal to 20 MGD)

Large (Greater than 20 MGD)

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