Plant of the Year (Small, Medium, Large)

The Plant of the Year award recognizes accomplishments in compliance, innovative practices, cost effectiveness, and superior plant performance in small, medium and large categories. 

Small (Less than 5 MGD)

Medium (Greater than or equal to 5 MGD and less than or equal to 20 MGD)

Large (Greater than 20 MGD)


This application is an online form. 

You will be asked to provide a narrative and supporting documentation to include information such as:

  1. Plant’s official name, classification, average daily dry weather design capacity, treatment type, and process description along with a plant schematic.


  2. Brief description of the accomplishments that form the basis of this nomination

  3. Provide answers to operational and facility questions such as:

    a. Has your facility had permit violations in the past three years? 

    b. Provide a list of benchmarks you use to manage your facility.

    c. Describe in detail the facility process control strategy and lab tests used for process control.

To see the full list of questions for the narrative click apply to be taken to the application. When complete be sure to click "Save and Finalize" so the application is fully submitted. If you need to come back to the application at a later time to complete, click "Save" and all details will be saved in your account.

In the event that your application results in your facility being selected as your local section plant of the year winner, then this narrative will be forwarded to the Leadership Development Committee to be evaluated in order to determine which facilities will have an on-site inspection by a Plant of the Year inspection team. The Plant of the Year inspection team will require additional information to be available at the time of the inspection. 

Additional information will include safety manuals, training records, State permits, plant brochures, and other information that may be utilized to assist the team in evaluating the facility. 

Also, please be prepared to provide employee information that includes CWEA membership, participation and certification information.

If you won Plant of the Year in your section in the last year, you will not be eligible to apply this year.



For most CWEA awards, you must apply at your Local Section level first. Direct your questions to the Local Section Awards Chair. If you need additional assistance, contact Megan Barillo at [email protected].