WRD Water Reuse Facility Earns LEED Platinum Certification

Resource Recovery, Technology and Innovation

Albert Robles Center (ARC) for Water Recycling and Environmental Learning has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification, the highest rating offered to environmentally sustainable buildings. Only 5.7 percent of LEED projects in the United States have achieved this distinguished designation.
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program rates the environmental sustainability of projects based on a points system. There are four certification categories, which include Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

ARC, located in Pico Rivera, is a multipurpose site which encapsulates Water Replenishment District (WRD’s) commitment to community and sustainability. ARC achieved a Platinum Certification through its innovative design to optimize the efficient use of water and energy. The facility, opened in August 2019, produces 14 million gallons a day of advanced treated water. This water is used to replenish groundwater resources that provide 50 percent of the drinking water for over four million residents in Southern Los Angeles County.

ARC features 995 solar panels that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Outdoor landscaping at ARC saves water costs by 60 percent through an efficient low-flow irrigation system using recycled water. At least 20 percent of the building’s construction is derived from recycled content and over 20 percent of those materials are locally sourced within 500 miles of the facility. Thoughtfully designed windows minimize the need for electric lightning and create energy savings.

Through meticulous planning, WRD reduced waste and maximized recycling during the construction of ARC by diverting 75 percent of construction waste from the landfill.

“WRD is excited to receive a Platinum Certification from LEED for our Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental Learning,” said WRD President Vera Robles DeWitt. “Many eco-conscious decisions were made during the construction of ARC. This project will serve millions of people through our water recycling facility and educational exhibits.”

ARC also offers a state-of-the-art learning center that immerses visitors into an interactive educational experience focused on the history of water in the region and the importance of groundwater.