WEF-CWEA Honorary Member Dr. Perry McCarty Has Passed Away


Photo provided by Stanford UniversityThe Stanford University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering announced that WEF-CWEA Honorary member Dr. Perry McCarty passed away on June 4, 2023.

Professor McCarty joined Stanford University in 1962. He was one of the world’s leading environmental engineers, having created a scientific approach for the biological treatment of water for purification, wastewater reclamation and groundwater treatment that is used worldwide. He pioneered scientific principles for anaerobic digestion in wastewater treatment and contaminant control in aquifers. His outstanding research contributions have formed the basis for significant improvements in water quality, wastewater treatment and reclamation, and groundwater decontamination.

He won The Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement in 1992, the Clarke Prize from the National Water Research Institute in 1997, and the Stockholm Water Prize in 2007—the three premier awards in the environmental field.

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