Recorded Webinar: Finding Your Voice as a Young Water Leader

Career Stories

A special session for young water leaders of California

  • Content development and from science to stories
  • Presentation and moderation techniques
  • Social media for leaders

With Tom Freyberg, Alan Shapiro and Andrew Walker

Tom Freyberg believes everyone has a story to tell. Spending nearly a decade travelling the globe for WaterWorld and reporting on major engineering projects from Latin America, to the Middle East and South East Asia, this opened his eyes to water challenges, but also the innovators and innovations available. An award-winning environmental journalist, he has had articles and comments published in The Times, The Guardian, CNN and WaterFront.

Alan Shapiro is a hydrogeologist, environmental consultant, science communication specialist, instructor and water and cleantech venture advisor. His passion is the bigger picture – enabling systems change, coordination, and capacity-building around water issues and translating science into stories.

Andrew Walker specializes on strategy – creating, developing and auditing how marketing supports long-term organizational goals. Right from his studies in technology management, his career-long mission has been to bridge the gap between engineering and business. Keen to pass on his expertise and experience, Andrew is a regular guest lecturer at school and colleges, and strives to advise, guide and mentor fellow marketing professionals in the water sector.