CWEA Chooses Cal Poly Pomona for WEF’s Student Design Competition


CWEA held its third Student Design Competition (SDC) on Saturday, May 15th.  It was the second virtual competition lead by the SDC Chair, Board of Director and Past President, Debi Lewis. A panel of distinguished CWEA members served as judges assembled by CWEA Board of Director, Brian Peck from Carollo.

Two strong presentations by teams from San Diego State University and Cal Poly Pomona were reviewed. The winner, Puddingstone Reservoir Project by the Cal Poly Pomona team was chosen to advance to the National competition.

The competition tasks students to prepare and present a design that helps solve a water quality issue. Teams evaluate alternative ideas, perform calculations, and recommend solutions in the form of an engineering report and presentation.

The Student Design Competition (SDC) begins at the Member Association (MA) level. CWEA holds their own Student Design Competition in the spring and allows student teams to bring problems they are currently working on.

If you know a great college team we should invite to next year’s competition or wish to volunteer as a judge, please contact [email protected].