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Introducing new team members, new initiatives
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Most recently, the Office of Operator Certification (OOC) has made significant changes to the program!

Here are just a few program highlights:


Beginning January 2023, the OOC began the implementation phase of its reorganization to optimize resources and improve processes, workflow, and operational efficiency by balancing staffing resources and realigning workload by functionality as opposed to a programmatic structure. As a result, each OOC unit performs primary functions that include examinations, renewals, and certifications for drinking water and wastewater.

New OOC Staff – Welcome to the Team!

Keisha Kelley, Program Manager
Keisha began her new role in the OOC in May 2023 and brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience from her 12 years of working for the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) in various programs. Not only does Keisha bring prior knowledge of the Wastewater Office of Operator Certification Program but she also brings four years of experience developing and implementing a new program, within the State Water Board, as part of the SAFER Program team.

Valerie Gregory, Unit 1 Manager
Valerie began her new role as Unit Manager in March 2023. She has been with the State Water Board since 2000 and with her extensive tenure, primarily in OOC as a Program Analyst, she brings an abundance of knowledge and experience. Valerie played a major role in amending the Wastewater Operator Certification Program regulations adopted in 2013 and has been a pioneer in the creation of the Operator Certification Information System (OCIS) which now houses the online examination applications.

Unit 1 Staff

  • Desiree Hatton, Program Analyst
  • Sarah Miller, Program Analyst
  • Alex Strack, Program Analyst
  • Ruby Torres, Program Analyst
  • Rebecca Tindell-Hofman, Administrative Support
  • Brittney Bjorson, Program Clerk
  • Keanu Moore, Program Clerk

Jaime Marotte, Unit 2 Manager
Jaime began his new role as Unit Manager in May 2023 and brings an abundance of knowledge and experience from his prior role as a Program Analyst in OOC.

Unit 2 Staff

  • Jon Hermison, Program Analyst
  • Mercedes Jones, Program Analyst
  • Jenna Rechsteiner, Program Analyst
  • Chris Walker, Administrative Support
  • Jessica Sanchez, Program Clerk
  • Yanet Torres, Program Clerk
  • Lucinda Viera, Program Clerk

NEW: Online Application Submittal Portal

The OOC is excited to announce the launch of the new online application submittal portal. You may now submit Grades 1 and 2 examination applications electronically through your OCIS account.

Operator Certification Information System

Please visit the new website  to create an account* and submit your application.

For questions or assistance, please email [email protected]

*For Wastewater Operators that already have an OCIS account, use your current log-in information.

Operator Certification Customer Service Survey

The OOC launched a customer service survey in March 2023 to receive stakeholder feedback. This survey is used to provide feedback on your most recent interaction with OOC and will help improve the level of our customer service. To take the survey, please click the button:

Operator Certification Customer Service Survey

Operator Certification Statistics

Number of operator certificate holders by Grade and Type as of June 30, 2023
Wastewater Treatment Drinking Water Treatment Drinking Water Distribution
Grade | Type Grade | Type Grade | Type
OIT | 658 T1 | 2,138 D1 | 3,455
I| 787 T2 | 8,120 D2 | 9,199
II| 1,490 T3 | 1,803 D3 | 4,005
III| 1,809 T4 | 1,026 D4 | 1,838
IV| 441 T5 | 510 D5 | 1,213
V| 1,084 TOTAL | 13,597 TOTAL | 19,710
TOTAL | 6,269 Drinking Water Combined Total: 33,307


Drinking Water Operator Certification:
Telephone: (916) 449-5611 and (916) 449-5610
Email: [email protected]

Wastewater Operator Certification:
Telephone: (916) 341-5819
Email: [email protected]

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to return your phone call or email.

Mailing Address:
Office of Operator Certification
State Water Resources Control Board
PO Box 944212
Sacramento, CA 94244-2120

To learn more visit: Operator Certification Program | California State Water Resources Control Board