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State Water Board Releases Research Report on Advanced Source Control for DPR

Report Produced by NWRI
Regulations, Resource Recovery

From the State Water Board…

The National Water Research Institute (NWRI) convened a panel of experts to provide recommendations on enhanced industrial source control for DPR. The Expert Panel has submitted their recommendations to the State Water Board in March 2020. Their report is available to download here:

In its Report to Legislature on the Feasibility of Developing Uniform Water Recycling Criteria for DPR, the State Water Board determined through its investigation that key knowledge gaps and research recommendations must be addressed before uniform water recycling criteria for DPR can be adopted.

The State Water Board also identified improvements needed to enhance the safety of DPR, including enhanced industrial source control to address chemicals of concern that may be released into domestic wastewater and treatment optimization related to DPR.