Social Media Takeover for California Water Professionals Appreciation Week


Once again, we are hosting a social media takeover with our members in honor of California Water Professionals Appreciation Week. Watch for details for our Instagram takeover and Twitter takeover.

These members will give you a first hand look into their lives as wastewater professionals and we can’t wait to see what they share! Be sure to follow along October 1-9.

CWEA Instagram: @cweamembers
CWEA Twitter: @cwea

Instagram Takeover:

James Estrada

October 3-4:

James Estrada, Wastewater Collection System Supervisor for the City Of Redlands will be taking over Instagram on October 3-4.
James has been working in the Wastewater Collection Division since, 2006. His goals are to continue to educate himself and others in regards to wastewater maintenance and environmental science. He is very passionate about engaging with the public by providing meaningful information through public outreach events. He also enjoys being a union steward for The Teamsters Union and representing the field and admin staff in many capacities. James stays engaged with city politics in the interest of his field crews and is currently working on obtaining a degree in environmental science.




Stephanie Prescott

October 5-6:

Follow along on October 5 and 6 as Stephanie Prescott takes over our Instagram.

Stephanie is a sewer camera  product specialist at Jack Doheny Company. She is a 1st year Director with the CWEA Board of Directors as well as the San Diego Section Treasurer. Stephanie has 16 years of water and wastewater experience in California in municipal equipment sales.




Twitter Takeover:

October 3-4:

IEWorks was founded in 2021 and is dedicated to strengthening the water/wastewater workforce in the Inland Empire. With funding from the US Department of Education and the CA High Road Training Partnership, IEWorks partners with Bay Area-based JVS and BAYWORK to leverage their success and best practices.

IEWorks plans to increase the number of highly qualified candidates for mission-critical positions in the water/wastewater industry, while ensuring economic equity across the Inland Empire. IEWorks is committed to developing a diverse talent pipeline through apprenticeship, internship and career awareness.s opportunities