SmartCover® Expands HQ in San Diego Accelerated Growth Drives Relocation

Collection Systems, Technology and Innovation
SmartCover® is a leading technology provider specializing in wastewater solutions. The primary goal of every sewer system operator is to keep sewage out of the environment. SmartCover serves this mission through a suite of technology that gathers and monitors sewer pipeline data, performs analytics, and provides real-time reports to enable wastewater operators with reliable, actionable decisions to stop sewer spills from happening.
SmartCover was founded in 2005 (as Hadronex, Inc. d.b.a. SmartCover Systems, Inc.) by Greg Quist, PhD and David Drake, EE — two California elected water officials with technology backgrounds who were passionate about water. Encouraged by discussions with wastewater operators and market research, they recognized a pressing challenge within the wastewater industry related to the detection and prevention of sewer spills. Dedicated to the development of a solution that promised to provide real-time, reliable wastewater collection system visibility, they formed SmartCover 14 years ago by introducing the first sewer monitoring system designed specifically to prevent spills.
Today, SmartCover serves more than 400 wastewater utilities with nearly 5,000 installations across North America and continues to develop a range of applications in response to customer feedback, such as the reduction of high frequency cleanings (HFC), locating and reducing inflow and infiltration (I&I), intrusion detection, and H2S monitoring and control. SmartCover users have logged more than 180 million operating hours. SmartCover employs 30 team members, including an all-Veteran production team, with headquarters in North County San Diego and offices in Texas, Pennsylvania, Orange County, South Carolina and Canada.
In the United States alone, there are approximately 8,000 wastewater utilities and roughly 1 million miles of sewer main pipeline and an estimated 20 million manholes or pipeline segments (20 per mile). The average replacement or repair cost of this infrastructure is about $1 million per mile. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers the overall replacement cost for the aging wastewater infrastructure in the U.S. is about $1 trillion.
Driven by the mission to preserve and protect lives in the field, public health, our environment, and the quality of life in communities across North America, the company has an ambition to install hundreds of thousands of  systems by 2030.