Icebreaker reception at the 2022 Annual Conference in Sacramento.

SARBS Members Describe the Value, Importance of Attending the 2022 Annual Conference

Announcements, Santa Ana River Basin

These testimonials were provided by two SARBS members who won free conference passes during a door prize drawing.

Juan Hernandez

Juan is the Utility Field Supervisor, Jurupa Community Services District

  • What value did the conference offered?
    • This conference gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of different areas in our industry. I also feel that the vendor show part of the conference gave me a chance to network and make some great contacts.
  • What are some highlights of your experience of the AC22?
    • Some of the highlights that I took from this conference were classes that I found very interesting, and the great networking and comradery.
  • What part of the conference did you find most valuable? I.e. Vendor exhibits, tracks, networking opportunities, etc. Please share.
    • I am fairly new in my position and with that said I believe that the classes, and the networking were the two things that were most valuable to me.
  • What did you learn that help you or that could help your Agency do things better?
    • Two of my favorite classes were from agencies that area in my local area. I learned that as a team we can accomplish big things at my agency just like these two agencies have done.
  • Do you recommend others to attend the conference?
    • After attending this conference for the first time myself, I am going to try to send some of my staff next year.
  • What would you say to our SARBS members about the opportunity for a “free” conference registration?
    • I would like to thank the SARBS members and let them know that I walked away from this conference with a great amount of knowledge. I encourage them to do this again for someone else next year.
  • Anything else you want to share about this experience? Any input is appreciated.
    • I was able to take another staff member and get to know this person a little bit more. Great opportunity.

Ron Wade

Ron is the owner of Facility Process Solutions Consulting LLC

The AC22 for CWEA afforded me the professional exposure and opportunity to interact with my fellow California professionals, catching up with long time colleagues and meeting new and interesting water industry up and coming future leaders. This has been one of the most valuable tools I have had in my career, forging relationships with other water professionals that has led to multiple lucrative projects that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to obtain.

Since AC22 did not have an Operations Challenge I was able to attend three full days of educational sessions for the first time in many years and found the programs to be very comprehensive and all-encompassing for every aspect of our industry, including a quite impressive list of presenters conveying their messages as well.

I was fortunate enough to make several new contacts at this event which has already turned into offers to participate in upcoming projects, so this aspect must be considered when weighing the cost benefit in justifying attendance.

I was also able to share my experience and hands on knowledge with a colleague in regard to an issue plaguing their facility which is one of the most valuable benefits of the conference, sharing of knowledge.

For example, I met Mr. James Fisher of Fisher Compliance, a former State Water Board employee that now helps agencies with compliance issues, preparing them by sharing the knowledge they will need to remain compliant in their treatment and collections facilities. I will be connecting a couple of agencies I work for with Mr. Fisher to provide them with an accurate and comprehensive baseline for regulatory compliance.

The Vendor Exhibits was well attended with a sizable list of manufacturers and vendors given the situation, once again I found multiple products which piqued my interest and will be following up on potentially implementing some of these products on projects I am involved in. The Vendor food offerings were delicious and the lines were tolerable due to the number of stations set up, same with the cocktail carts, tolerable lines and decent selection.

While my situation is somewhat unique as a retiree that is still very active in large part due to my involvement with Operations Challenge, not having an agency to cover your travel and expenses takes a large chunk out of the budget, so for me it was a real treat and I am thrilled that it did allow me to attend the memorial event for Dr. David Jenkins.

Once again, thank you for the free conference registration, that giveaway allowed me to participate in my home state AC and I was impressed at the planning and effort it took to organize such a great event, thank you!