City officials celebrate the successful expansion (City of Roseville photo)

City of Roseville Completes Expansion of Pleasant Grove

Project helps cut carbon emissions, expands capacity, and generates clean RNG for city vehicles
By Maurice Chaney, City of Roseville, Resource Recovery, Technology and Innovation

Roseville recently celebrated the completion of a $110 million expansion project at the regional Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant after more than three years of work.

The expansion, officially opened in September, has increased treatment capacity from 9.5 million gallons per day to 12 million, making it better equipped to meet the region’s growing wastewater treatment needs.

One of the remarkable features of this expansion is its ability to generate renewable natural gas (RNG) and energy. This energy is used to power Roseville’s 47-truck garbage fleet with RNG, offsetting approximately 10 percent of the plant’s energy consumption.

The project aims to achieve several goals, including improving efficiency and contributing to environmental benefits by reducing carbon emissions equivalent to what can be stored in 2,100 acres of forest. It also generates clean power, sufficient to supply energy to 740 homes while reducing waste destined for landfills. These processes provide long-term financial benefits for Roseville utility customers.

Photo by City of Roseville

Pleasant Grove WRRF. Photo by City of Roseville

The expansion project is a joint venture funded by partners in the South Placer Wastewater Authority, which includes Roseville, Placer County, and the South Placer Municipal Utility District. Roseville secured approximately 10 percent in grant funding and other loans to help offset the significant capital investment.

Overall, this wastewater treatment plant expansion represents a significant step towards enhancing the region’s wastewater treatment capacity, improving sustainability, and delivering environmental and financial benefits to the community.

Learn more about the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Expansion on the City of Roseville’s website.