Report Incidents and Suspicious Activity to WaterISAC

Resource Recovery, Technology and Innovation
WaterISAC relies on you to share information on incidents you’ve experienced to help identify threats and trends. This contributes to a more secure water sector.

WaterISAC urges utilities and others sector stakeholders to report incidents and suspicious activity to our analysts. Reporting incidents and suspicious activity helps strengthen sector resilience, because it allows WaterISAC to identify threats and vulnerabilities and to warn other members and partners. The information you share also helps WaterISAC shape products and services, including webinars and reports, that can help utilities stay secure.

WaterISAC maintains confidentiality of the information you provide. If WaterISAC wishes to share your incident in an analysis or other product, we would first secure your express permission to do so, and then we would anonymize the information you have shared. As a private non-profit, WaterISAC is not subject to public records laws, further preserving the confidentiality of your report.

In some cases, WaterISAC may encourage you to also report your incident or suspected incident to federal authorities, especially if you intend to seek help with an investigation or recovery. WaterISAC can assist by providing you with contact information and other guidance. Crimes should always be reported to the appropriate authorities.

How do I make a report?

You can file reports of incidents and suspicious activity in three ways:

What happens next?

Once you alert us to the incident or suspicious activity, we will follow up with you for more information. Then we will ask whether we can use the information in WaterISAC reports. If the answer is yes, we will anonymize the information you shared by removing any details that would attribute the incident to you or your utility. The information you share is stored in a protected database. The anonymized information will be used to inform WaterISAC’s threat analysis reports.

What do I report?

WaterISAC seeks reports of both cyber and physical incidents, as well as suspicious activity.

For more information on what to report and for contact information for federal authorities, visit WaterISAC.

Should you have any questions, please reply to this email or call 866-H2O-ISAC at [email protected] or 866-H2O-ISAC.