Regional San’s Landmark Recycled Water Program Gets New Name

Resource Recovery, Technology and Innovation

Regional San’s landmark recycled water program—previously known as the South County Ag Program—has been rebranded. Now known as Harvest Water, the program will be one of the largest water recycling projects in California and will deliver up to 50,000-acre feet per year of tertiary-treated recycled water to an estimated 16,000 acres of farm and habitat lands in southern Sacramento County. The program will also reduce groundwater pumping, support habitat restoration efforts and benefit the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

With the opportunity to provide high-quality recycled water to farmers fast approaching, branding was necessary to give the pr ogram a powerful and symbolic identity that clearly infers its purpose and benefits. Harvest Water indicates that Regional San is harvesting a new water supply by recycling wastewater for agriculture, irrigation and other beneficial uses for the farming economy and environment.

The tagline, keep it growing, symbolizes the continued and expanding use of recycled water for farming, agricultural applications, municipal uses and habitat restoration. It also connects the program with the ultimate benefit desired by growers—to keep crops growing, especially in light of changing weather patterns, statewide water demands and other challenges for agriculture.

“With our new branding in place, Regional San is well positioned to deliver simple, meaningful and credible messaging to local farmers and our program stakeholders,” says Nicole Coleman, Public Affairs Manager. “The new brand better supports our team’s efforts to secure landowner agreements and construct the distribution system needed to deliver our high-quality recycled water.”

Efforts to increase recycled water use in the Sacramento region got a significant boost in fall 2019 when the State Water Board approved Regional San’s wastewater change petition. This gave Regional San the right to deliver its highly treated recycled water to agricultural and habitat conservation lands in southern Sacramento County. Additionally, in summer 2018, Regional San secured $280.5 million in Proposition 1 grant funding to help make this program a reality for the Sacramento region.

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