Recorded Webinar: Interviewing Recommendations in the Water Sector

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CWEA Students and Young Professionals Committee
Personal Skills Builder Webinar

The presentation will briefly cover the application process, with pointers on how to write an application that will get you past the Human Resources screening process and onto a supervisors desk for consideration of an interview. In addition, the presentation will explore how to make a good impression during the interview process and strategies for answering the questions properly. Each interview question is an opportunity to gain employment and none should be wasted with a poor or incomplete answer.

Social and interview skills will be addressed, and real life interview questions and answers (both good and bad) will be used as examples of how to successfully conduct yourself during an interview. Last, the presentation will briefly touch upon strategies for passing probation, once you are awarded the job.

Todd Novacek is the Director of Operations at the Moulton Niguel Water District (MNWD), which provides water, wastewater and recycled water services to approximately 170,000 people in South Orange County. During his twenty-nine-year tenure at MNWD, Todd held positions in the Engineering and Customer Service Departments before being promoted to the Director of Operations. Learn more about Todd’s agency at