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Kicking Asset Management™ Webinar Series

Based on our popular e-book, Asset Management Playbook for Utilities, the MentorAPM Kicking Asset Management™ webinar series teaches the fundamentals of building a successful asset management program. The first webinar delivered an Overview of Asset Management for Utilities and is available on demand. The next webinar is scheduled for April 22 on Criticality & Risk: How to Identify Your Critical Assets and Assess Risk in Your Utility.

Future webinars will include How to Evaluate Your EAM Software Needs; What is Asset Performance Management?; Field Tools: Using Mobile Work Management Effectively; Asset Condition Management & Understanding Failure Modes and more. The series is delivered by MentorAPM co-founders Tacoma Zach and John Clow, and each session is jam packed with free knowledge and learning, with time to answer your questions. Get the latest updates and registration info on MentorAPM’s LinkedIn page.


Tacoma Zach, CEO & Co-founder, MentorAPM

Tacoma spent most of his career working in water utility management and is an expert on the application of asset management best practices, risk management and ISO 55000 standards to w/www utilities.

He is the author of Criticality Analysis Made Simple and a determined advocate for uncovering risk and “doing the right things, to the right assets, in the right order, to get the right results.”




John Clow, COO & Co-founder, MentorAPM

A former Oracle Utilities practice lead and EAM consultant, John brings extensive knowledge of CMMS/EAM and ERP system design, configuration and implementation for work and asset management systems.

Having overseen enterprise software implementations for more than 20 years, John knows how to design and deliver a better experience for MentorAPM clients, getting you up and running faster towards success.