PG&E’s Large Integrated Audit Offered to Water/Wastewater Agencies

Resource Recovery, Technology and Innovation

During the General Manager’s luncheon at AC18 in Sacramento, PG&E reviewed their large energy audit services. Several of the GM’s in the room shared their experience with PG&E’s energy audit. Many said they saw energy savings and large rebate checks after completing the energy efficiency audit and upgrade programs.

From PG&E…

Your organization is eligible for a Large Integrated Audit if:

  • You are a large PG&E customer with an assigned PG&E Account Manager
  • Your business plan includes initiatives to reduce energy costs and consumption, and/or Greenhouse Gas [GHG] reduction
  • You want a strategic plan to guide your investments and activities in support of the above initiatives to improve your competitiveness

A comprehensive solution A field survey and evaluation of processes, buildings and support equipment will identify:

  • Energy-conservation actions, energy-efficiency measures and modernization needs
  • Demand-response opportunities
  • Self-generation opportunities

A detailed Strategic Energy Plan will help you save energy and cut costs through:

  • Analysis of historical energy uses and costs
  • Industry benchmarking comparisons
  • Recommended measures and implementation details
  • Projected program costs, energy-cost reductions and demand savings
  • Projected payback, internal rate of return and Greenhouse Gas Reduction [measured in tons of CO2]
  • Utility incentives based on eligible PG&E programs


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