Obtaining PPE Supplies


Updated 4/30/20


Information from CASA…

As facemasks and other essential PPE are in high demand as a result of this crisis, it may become more difficult for agencies to procure the necessary PPE to maintain operations and ensure worker safety.

California Special Districts Association

According to the California Special Districts Association (CSDA), special districts in need of PPE should contact their county office of emergency services or local Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC). The county by county contact list is available here.

Currently medical services and skilled nursing facilities are getting priority for requests, though special districts may have their requests placed in a queue.

CSDA is also tracking special districts’ PPE needs, so please contact Cole Karr at [email protected] if your agency is searching for equipment or if there is a lack of responsiveness on a critical need.


Also, see the CASA COVID-19 “Agency Resources” page for more information about the California Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (CalWARN) and the possibility of procuring additional PPE through that system.

Many CASA members may already belong to CalWARN, though you may need to update your agency’s contact and other information. Perhaps most relevant during the current crisis, CalWARN can assist agencies by pairing those with deficiencies with those possessing excess resources such as, for example, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or disinfectant. Information on how to sign up, or check if you already are, and how to maximize use of this resource is at www.calwarn.org.

Additional PPE Resources Gathered by CWEA

  • The State Water Board ELAP office has started a list of water/wastewater suppliers and updates it regularly during the pandemic.
    Click “Laboratory Equipment and Supply Vendors”
  • Many wastewater equipment suppliers report they also have PPE stock available, keep calling around it is out there
  • Consider switching from blue nitrile gloves, which are used in healthcare settings, to heavier duty ones where the supply is more plentiful