New Collection System and Mechanical Technologist Certification Exams Launched

Announcements, CWEA Certifications

CWEA has launched the new exams for the Collection System Maintenance Certification Grades 1 – 4 and Mechanical Technologist Certification Grades 1 – 4.

Under the new Minimum Qualifications, applicants will need to hold the lower level certification to qualify for the Grade 3 or 4 exam.

The new Minimum Qualifications will allow CWEA exams to become more focused and accurate measures of job knowledge, while ensuring a greater degree of competency by requiring those who are certified to demonstrate their mastery of journeyman level job knowledge before progressing to the management level certifications. It also reduces the number of years required to qualify for the Grade 2 and clarifies and broadens the degree requirement. There are still no education or experience requirements to qualify for Grade 1.

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