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Chuck Greely, Principal, Dudek, CWEA President 2023-24

Chuck Greely, Principal, Dudek, CWEA President 2023-24

In a recent candid and insightful Q&A session, we had the privilege of delving into the motivations and aspirations of CWEA President, Chuck Greely, who brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and a unique personal touch to the helm of our association.

Have you ever wondered what drives someone to take on a leadership role within an organization like CWEA, or what exciting visions they hold for its future? Chuck opens up about these questions and more, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of CWEA’s leadership.

Read on to discover what motivates Chuck, the exciting initiatives he and CWEA’s leadership have in store, and get a glimpse into his life outside of the professional realm, where his passion for family, cooking, the great outdoors, and history come to life.

What motivated you to be nominated for the CWEA Board of Directors and on the President track? Why did you decide to return to a leadership role in CWEA?

The short answer is that I simply missed being involved with the CWEA Board! I have gained so much through my involvement that it seemed like the least I could do was continue to step up and assist the Association in any way that I could. When I was approached and asked if I would be interested in being nominated for the president track it seemed like a natural progression and I was thrilled and honored to be elected by our members.

What exciting things do you envision for CWEA under your leadership?

Continuing to offer outstanding educational and training opportunities, and opening avenues to new and improved access for our members. I’m hoping to see our membership numbers soar in the coming years and encourage all our members and leaders to share the great work we do protecting California’s most precious resource!

In your board nomination application, you mentioned the importance of building enthusiasm among the next generation of water professionals. How do you propose addressing this gap and incorporating it into CWEA’s future direction?

We will be kicking off our next wave of strategic planning this year and while we typically look at the next 3 – 5 years for the effort I’m really hoping we can build some foundational elements for long term planning for the association. This would target topics such as generational workforce transitions, planning for disruptive forces and helping address how our job responsibilities will evolve as the pace of technology advancement ever quickens its pace

In your opinion, what sets CWEA apart from other organizations, and how do you plan to enhance its standing and influence?

It is absolutely our members and their collective and shared passion for what we do that sets us apart! The best thing I think I can do to enhance CWEA’s standing and influence is maintain our long standing history of excellent leadership, continue to engage with our members as they are our best advocate and will help us grow our membership, and continue to collaborate and form partnerships with other professional associations and interested parties that share similar values and goals.

We’d love to know what makes you tick! Can you share any hobbies or interests outside of your professional life?

I always love it when people ask “what do you do?” Instead of answering with the typical “here is what I do for my job,” my response is always, “I’m a dad of teenage boys, so I’m a part time cook, dad taxi, baseball/soccer coach, handyman (teen boys are destructive), educator, and therapist! It’s in my down time that I am an engineer!” Aside from that, I love to cook and am always on the lookout for new recipes to experiment with; I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so my happy place has always been hiking in the mountains amongst streams and lakes where I can fly fish for trout; and I love a good history or historical fiction book, especially if I can have a glass of good whiskey next to me while I read!

Check out Chuck’s interview from our Annual Conference 2023 in San Diego.

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