LA County Flood Control Offers Grants for Regional Stormwater Projects

Resource Recovery, Technology and Innovation

The Safe, Clean Water Program (SCW Program) is excited to announce the Fiscal Year 2020-21 and 2021-22 Regional call for projects.

Fifty percent of the annual Special Parcel Tax revenue will be allocated to regional watershed-based Projects, Project concepts and Scientific Studies as described below.

Definitions for all capitalized terms can be found here.

Eligible Projects

This call for projects solicits applications in three categories:

Infrastructure Program

Applications to fund a Multi-Benefit Infrastructure Project that has a completed Feasibility Study. Any small and medium scale, community level Projects are encouraged to be bundled by the applicants to promote efficiency, achieve economies of scale, and advance local hire and job training goals. Multi-Benefit Projects that prioritize nature-based solutions and provide Disadvantaged Community (DAC) Benefits are highly encouraged. See the Feasibility Study Guidelines for requirements of a complete Feasibility Study. Funding can be pursued for any eligible project stage, including on-going operation and maintenance (regardless of whether the Project was constructed under the SCW Program).

Technical Resources Program

Applications to fund the development of a Multi-Benefit Project concept into a Feasibility Study. Applicants must submit a letter of non-objection from the municipality in which the Project concept is being proposed.

Scientific Studies Program

Applications to fund a scientific study related to increasing Stormwater or Urban Runoff capture and/or reducing Stormwater or Urban Runoff Pollution.

SCW Program eligible and ineligible expenditures are described in the Los Angeles County Flood Control District Code, Sections 16.05.A.2 and 16.05.A.3., respectively. Only projects meeting these requirements will be considered for Regional Program funds.

Stormwater Investment Plans & Project Selection

Nine Watershed Area Steering Committees (WASCs), each comprised of representatives from cities, agencies, and community stakeholders, will review proposed projects and develop an annual Stormwater Investment Plan (SIP) for their Watershed Area that identifies recommendations for funding under the 3 regional subprograms – the Infrastructure, Technical Resources, and Scientific Studies Programs. Recommended Projects included in SIPs will also be reviewed by a Scoring Committee and ultimately a Regional Oversight Committee for recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

The review and recommendation process by the governing committees is described in Los Angeles County Flood Control District Code Section 18.07 and the Operating Guidelines for the Watershed Area Steering CommitteesScoring Committee, and Regional Oversight Committee.

Watershed Area boundaries, committee rosters, and revenue projections for each Watershed Area are available on each committee page. Hover over the “Committees” item in the top navigation bar to see a list of committee pages.

How to Submit an Application for Funding

Applicants requesting funding to implement a Multi-Benefit Infrastructure Project, develop a Feasibility Study, or conduct a scientific study are invited to submit an application through the Regional Program Projects Module Web Application (Module).

The Module guides users to input information and submit potential Projects for consideration (aligning with the Feasibility Study Guidelines) or to submit a Project concept or scientific study for consideration.

The Module is accessible at the below link (Note: Use Google Chrome or Firefox; Module does not work on Internet Explorer)

Application Process Timeline

  • Open call for projects – October 15, 2019
  • Deadline for consideration in FY20-21 SIP – December 15, 2019
  • Deadline for consideration in FY21-22 SIP – July 31, 2020
  • Review and recommendation period for FY 20-21 SIP – December 2019 through May 2020
  • Anticipated approval of FY 20-21 SIPs by LA County Board of Supervisors – June 2020

Applications for funding will be scored by the Scoring Committee and/or reviewed by the applicable Watershed Area Steering Committee(s) on a rolling basis as applications are submitted. Applications are not prioritized based on the order they are received.

Funding Availability

Special Parcel Tax revenues collected for the current fiscal year (July 2019 – June 2020) will be allocated following approval of each SIP by the LA County Board of Supervisors.

To allocate funds, a Transfer Agreement between the approved applicant/developer and the District must be executed. Draft templates for Transfer Agreements are expected to become available in November 2019 for public review. Funds will be transferred in annual increments subject to the Project meeting the schedule, budget, and scope terms outlined in the Transfer Agreement.

Progress Report Requirements

Each recipient of funding will be required to prepare quarterly progress/expenditure reports describing its use of the Regional Program funds in accordance with the provisions of Section 18.07.F of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District Code.