Kirt Brooks Scholarship Adds New Category


The Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship (KBSF) Committee is thrilled to introduce a new educational opportunity to our scholarship program. We are expanding our list of eligible categories to now include non-degree training programs offered by colleges, community colleges, and trade schools.

Education is the foundation of a strong community. CWEA and the Kirt Brooks Scholarship fund provides a bridge to success for students seeking a career in the water environmental industry. Apply today, get the help you need. — Robert Delgado, Kirt Brooks Scholarship Committee Chair

These non-degree training programs encompass a variety of certificate programs available at colleges, community colleges, and trade schools. Sample programs include but are not limited to:

Office of Water Programs (OWP)

Bakersfield College: Any of the COA Programs available

College of the Canyons

Citrus College

Cuyamaca College

Imperial College

Evergreen Valley College

Folsom Lake College

Los Angeles Trade Tech College

Mt. San Jacinto College San Jacinto Campus


San Bernardino Valley College

Santiago Canyon College

Rio Hondo College

Ventura College

Santa Rosa Junior College

Gavilan College

Solano College

Any of the training programs listed on Baywork

The Scholarship Committee has the authority to approve or deny a program based on information in the application and an assessment of the program’s fit with the scholarship criteria. All of the programs listed above are eligible. As a reminder, the above list is not exhaustive and there are likely other programs that meet the scholarship criteria as well. These other programs may include emphases in leadership and/or management, provided these qualifications are directly applicable to a water-related career path.

We’d like to clarify that professional certifications and licenses obtained from organizations such as CWEA (California Water Environment Association) and the State Water Resources Control Board are not eligible for KBSF funding and fall outside the scope of this non-degree training program category.

KBSF’s namesake, Kirtland “Kirt” Brooks, left an indelible mark on the water industry through his dedication and commitment. He served as an Association Manager and Bulletin editor for several years in the 1980s and was actively involved in the San Francisco Bay section and various other northern California sections.

Kirt’s vision was centered on enhancing the technical qualifications of operators and maintenance personnel, understanding that this would bring benefits to all. As the idea of a scholarship program took shape, Kirt joined the ad-hoc committee to define its objectives and selection criteria. For nearly three decades, Kirt generously shared his time, creativity, and wisdom with the Association. His contributions were so highly regarded and cherished that, following his passing, the Board unanimously decided to honor his memory by naming the scholarship program after him.

We are committed to upholding Kirt Brooks’ legacy and supporting aspiring individuals in their pursuit of excellence in the water environment field. We look forward to receiving applications from candidates in this new category of non-degree training programs.

Learn more about the scholarship and share or apply today.