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Innovation Sparks Los Angeles Water Future Dreams

L.A. leads the country in water reuse to build resiliency (sponsored post)
By Brown and Caldwell, Technology and Innovation

Los Angeles water agencies dream big. That’s because local leaders are proactively leading the way here and across the country to provide equitable access to waterbuild resiliency, and address water supply amid climate change challenges, such as extreme weather, drought, and sea-level rise with water reuse innovation.

Case in point: Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) regulations are progressing at the State Water Resources Control Board. Plus, there are 35 potable reuse projects either permitted or planned across the state. Nearly half of those are in Southern California, including the largest of its kind in the world right here in Los Angeles, Pure Water Southern California. DPR, through advanced water purification (AWP), not only improves quantity and quality, it also increases drinking water capacity, helping to secure a local supply, a critical need especially for underserved communities.

With water reuse a top priority for L.A. resilience, it comes as no surprise then that Brown and Caldwell experts have planned, designed, or helped construct 12 recent groundbreaking AWP projects in Southern California. Each innovative project is a step toward a more sustainable and resilient future where water is abundant and accessible.

After all, L.A. is where dreams do come true.

“From planning to building one of the world’s largest water recycling programs, Brown and Caldwell partners with utilities throughout the entire engineering and construction process to advance a future where water is abundant, sustainable, and accessible to all.”
Brown and Caldwell California Water Reuse Leader Adam Zacheis

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