Incoming TriCounties President Nick Steffen Reflects on What CWEA Has Done for His Career

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TriCounties President Nick Steffen (l); Ventura Water (c) winner of the Collection System of the Year trophy; and Past president Brett Offerman (r)

There is no doubt that CWEA has played a huge role in my career and continues to open doors and present opportunities for my future growth in our exciting industry. It feels like yesterday I was attending my first workshop and studying for my first certification. Little did I know that one day I would be writing the incoming president’s letter for this valuable group of colleagues that I am humbled to work with.

Early on, I worked for municipalities that were heavily involved in CWEA and I was able to volunteer my time and learn more about how CWEA influences and assists all levels of workers throughout the field. I began teaching the operator math classes at the quarterly workshops and this led to my first position as the Operations Chair for the TriCounties section.

CWEA offers an elite class of events, and I am looking forward to another successful year. We have been working hard since my time on the board to offer three amazing workshops every year, our Past Presidents Golf Tournament and Picnic, the Turkey of the Year event , TCP Training, and Awards Banquet. We will continue to do that this year, and look out for discounted prices! I’m excited for all of you to check out our new Facebook page that has been created specifically for the Tri-Counties Section. This is sure to keep followers informed with updates, pictures, and happenings. On the horizon are updates to our website that will also keep members informed and be a valuable tool for all.

The ground work for a prosperous year has been set by so many before me and I am looking forward to continuing the success. I hope to see each and every one of you throughout the year and hear how CWEA can continue to serve you best.

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