Fanny Mui, CVWD

2021 FOG Workshop Highlight: GIS Applications for FOG Inspections

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2021 FOG Workshop

Thursday, March 11
12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Co-located with the 2021 P3S Virtual Conference and Expo


Speaker profile: Fanny Mui, Laboratory Analyst / Environmental Compliance Inspector
Carmel Area Wastewater District

​”The biggest challenge has been not being able to go out to do inspections during the pandemic. A lot of restaurants have remained closed because they don’t have outdoor seating and doing take-out was not feasible for them.

The few restaurants that are open have been inspected by my supervisor. He has been the only one allowed by my District to do inspections due to Covid-19. I think things will start to go back to normal once the vaccine becomes available to all of us.”

Fanny Mui

Thinking about switching to paperless FOG inspections? In this session, attendees will get to see Carmel Area Wastewater District’s app that they use on their iPads to inspect FSEs. Join Fanny Mui, Laboratory Analyst / Environmental Compliance Inspector with Carmel Area Wastewater District ​sharing advantages of using geographical information system (GIS) and going paperless for FOG inspections.

  • Develop a plan to transition from paper to paperless FOG inspections
  • Evaluate the Pros and Cons of paperless FOG inspections
  • Identify whether paperless FOG inspections is an option