CWEA’s New Brand: Celebrating the Champions of Wastewater


What’s in an identity? If you think of a movie star, you might remember one of their famous scenes. Think of a brand name such as Apple or Caterpillar and sleek phones or powerful, yellow machinery comes to mind. Identities are distinctive, and they tell a story.

If you think about CWEA, what comes to mind? Hopefully stimulating discussions with friends at a conference, workshop, or perhaps a Local Section meeting. In today’s interconnected water world it is more important than ever to clearly state what CWEA stands for.

We need our reason for being. We need powerful ideas to share with agencies and the public that clearly tell our story: the wastewater story.

After a six month, thorough review of our members and our sector, we are proud to introduce CWEA’s new brand, logo, position and story. The brand taskforce, the Board and our consultant helped refine our story and clarified the CWEA identity.

We are the Champions of Wastewater

CWEA is the trusted organization that advocates for and empowers wastewater professionals so they can protect and harness the potential of California’s most critical resource, because all water is essential.

We have different jobs, in different places, throughout California. We work for organizations of different sizes, from really large teams, like the 3,000 professionals at LA Sanitation and Environment, to the 5 members at Summerland Sanitary District. What we share is a passion for making this a better world, protecting clean water, taking care of each other and converting wastewater into a resource.

Be proud of what you do.
Be a champion of wastewater.

CWEA is a diverse and welcoming association dedicated to professional growth. Some of California’s most respected wastewater professionals start and grow their careers as CWEA members.

The CWEA Brand Task Force worked for 6 months on the new CWEA brand. See below for a list of the task force members.

Five Ways CWEA Impacts the Profession

  1.  We empower wastewater professionals: We empower professional growth through training, certification, networking, collaboration, and leadership opportunities at the state and local level.
  2. We unite practice areas: CWEA is a community of 10,000+ members from across all facets of wastewater management. We are the only organization that unites wastewater professionals in all roles and across geographic regions, into a strong and collaborative community. Everyone is welcome.
  3. We raise the profile of wastewater in California: Wastewater professionals protect and harness the potential of California’s most essential resource: water. We build awareness for this essential public service. Let’s show California why we are #WastewaterProud!
  4. We are the proven experts: From our renown certification program to our experienced and diverse professional community, we are a trusted industry partner for members, agencies, and beyond. We help the sector grow by sharing knowledge at over 200 state and local events each year. At our Annual Conference we hope you are inspired by the level of talent, commitment and passion you see. We attract the best people – speakers, attendees, volunteer leaders and technology vendors.
  5. We are bringing wastewater into the future: Our up-to-date certifications and events, cross-industry collaboration, and innovative California perspective is helping to shape the future of wastewater.

That’s CWEA today. And really, it’s you. What can we do to empower, support and celebrate what you do? Share your ideas with any Board member or Local Section leader. Please, don’t be shy. We’re always looking for passionate, wastewater proud professionals like you to help lead CWEA forward!

CWEA President

CWEA CEO/Executive Director


CWEA Brand Task Force 2019-20

  • Co-Chair: Kevin Calderwood, CWEA President; HDR
  • Co-Chair: Jenn Jones, CEO/Executive Director, CWEA
  • Matt Winkelman, Membership & External Relations Committee Chair; GHD
  • Valerie Ratto, Southern Regional Committee Chair; OCSD
  • Mark Takemoto, Northern Regional Committee Chair, CDMSmith
  • Zaheer Shaikh, Engineering & Research Committee; Lee & Ro
  • Nick Hansen, San Francisco Bay Section; Central San
  • Steve Cano, Santa Ana Rivier Basin Section President; Costa Mesa Sanitary District
  • Jonathon Powell, Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention and Stormwater Chair; OCSD
  • Dianne Lee, Past CWEA Board Member; WSC Consulting

Staff Coordinators

  • Alec Mackie, CWEA Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Megan Barillo, CWEA Communications Manager
  • Sarah Klauer, Serling Brands
  • Nerida Leembruggen, Sterling Brands
  • Barkha Wadia, Sterling Brands