CWEA Launches Online Proctored Exams

OnVUE Service Offers an Easier Way to Test at Home or at Work
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CWEA’s Technical Certification Program is proud to introduce the OnVUE exam service. The new online proctoring service allows you to take CWEA certification exams conveniently at your home or workplace.

DownloadExam applicants now have the choice of scheduling an OnVUE online exam or taking the exam at one of PearsonVUE’s hundreds of testing centers located across California and throughout the United States. You should carefully examine both options before making the choice to see which exam format is best for you.

You’ll make your selection when you schedule your exam on the PearsonVUE website. If you have an existing appointment at a test center, you must cancel that appointment before rescheduling to take an exam online.

About OnVUE

In an online proctored exam, candidates will complete a check-in process and are monitored online by a live proctor.

An onscreen calculator and white board are provided, no physical calculators or scratch paper are allowed.

For more information about the online proctored experience, please visit the OnVUE website.

Please review the system requirements and PearsonVUE policies and procedures for online proctored exams before you schedule your appointment. You will be required to accept and comply with these policies.

OnVUE Technical Requirements

To take an online proctored exam at home, candidates must meet the computer system requirements. Be sure to read the requirements on the OnVUE flyer (pdf).

If you would like to test at work, please check with your Network Administrator or IT Professional that your system meets the requirements; firewalls can be an issue.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they meet the system requirements prior to their appointment time. If a candidate does not meet the system requirements, they will not be able to complete their exam and will have to reschedule.

According to PearsonVUE, the most reliable system to use for OnVUE is a personal computer (not issued from your employer) and a wired, ethernet connection. The two most frequent causes of technical issues with online proctored exams are testing on (1) a work computer and (2) an unreliable internet connection. Firewalls or security settings from work computers may restrict the software from operating properly. Unreliable internet connections (wireless network, VPN, mobile hotspot) may lead to being disconnected.

Online proctored exams offer more flexibility and will increase the reliability of CWEA’s certification services in these uncertain times.

If you have any questions about online proctored exams, please contact:

TCP Department
[email protected]
510.382.7800 ext 126


Taking your CWEA certification exam from the home or office is now possible thanks to OnVUE