California Scientists Release New Book ‘Toward a PFAS-free Future’

Part of the Royal Chemistry Society's Green Chemistry Series
From the Royal Chemistry Society, Emerging Issues

Edited by Simona A Bălan and Thomas A Bruton, California Department of Toxic Substances Control; and Kimberly G Hazard, UC Berkeley.

From the description:

Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are extensively used in consumer products, despite their high persistence and other hazards. The risks posed by this chemical class to human health and the environment, which are increasingly becoming understood, have triggered regulation and policy changes.

However, safer alternatives to these technically effective materials, and methods to discover and use those alternatives, are still under development. Remediation of PFAS contaminated sites will not solve the growing worldwide pollution, but substitution with safer substances at the formulation and manufacturing phases will at least abate the flow of PFASs into our bodies and environment.

Introducing safer alternatives to some of the PFASs of concern used in select industry sectors, this book informs the reader about the processes of chemical hazard and alternatives assessment that can foster innovation. It is a valuable resource for both green chemists and industrial chemists interested in how they can make their products safer without compromising on function.

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