Awards for Excellence Honor Achievements in Reuse

Technology and Innovation

The WateReuse Association presented the Annual Awards for Excellence on Monday, September 10 during the 33rd Annual WateReuse Symposium in Austin, Texas. The program recognizes individuals and projects that have made significant contributions in support of greater adoption of water reuse. Recipients are successfully advancing the development of alternative water supplies or developing a novel approach to meet water needs through the use of water reuse systems or approaches.

Congratulations to these California winners!

Community Water Champion Award

The Community Water Champion award recognizes utilities or local government entities that showcase exemplary water reuse projects, systems, or facilities that demonstrate the value of water reuse to the community served by them.

City of Los Angeles, LA Sanitation – The City of Los Angeles developed the One Water LA 2040 Plan, a holistic and multi-agency approach that considers all water resources as “One Water” – including surface water, groundwater, potable water, wastewater, recycled water, dry-weather runoff, and stormwater.

City of Modesto, City of Turlock, Del Puerto Water District, California – The cities of Modesto and Turlock in collaboration with Del Puerto Water District established the North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program to deliver recycled water for agriculture in California’s Central Valley.

Excellence in Action

The Excellence in Action award recognizes users of recycled water, including utility customers, commercial enterprises, government agencies, NGOs, or partnerships between utilities and their customers, to showcase how recycled water is used for commercial operations, watershed restoration projects, irrigation or other projects.

Hyatt House Irvine, Irvine Ranch Water District, California – Irvine Ranch Water District teamed up with Hyatt House Irvine to plan for and construct dual-plumbed hotel facility that includes all toilets and urinals – including in 149 guest rooms, lobby area, pool area and employee facilities.

Outreach and Education

The Outreach and Education award recognizes significant success in advancing public acceptance of recycled water. Short-term campaigns, educational programs, and events are eligible.

Pure Water Soquel Mobile Educational Trailer, Soquel Creek Water District, California – On a shoestring budget and with only eight weeks to debut at an open house event, the Soquel Creek Water District’s outreach team created the Pure Water Soquel Mobile Educational Trailer, put it on the road, and get it in front of audiences.