Wyatt Troxel

Integrated Resource Management
First Place
 Colorado River Basin Section

Wyatt Troxel has been involved in the Environmental-consulting field for many years. Specializing in Water, Wastewater and Storm water. He has served over 20 plus years as a respected leader, as staff and ultimately as a director and past president of the Inland Empire Utilities Authority. He has been heavily involved in training at CWEA, TRI State, and CORBS. He has been a teacher, Mentor and an esteemed member of the CWEA-Local-Sections family for over 25 years. We are glad and proud to call him a friend.


The Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (5S) is used by water environment associations (i.e., those working with sewage and sewage treatment) to honour those who have made a particular contribution to the industry.

Pennsylvania started the High Hat Society in 1937 and used the words "Sludge Shovelers Society" in its initiation ceremony. Later, this became known as the Ted Moses Sludge Shovelers Society. The second Chapter of the Five S Society was formed in Arizona in October 1940, the idea being conceived by A.W. "Dusty" Miller and F. Carlyle Roberts, Jr. There are chapters in many of the United States and in Canada, as well as the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

5S chapters do not accept applications, but select potential members. Each inductee receives a badge in the form of a gold tie bar in the shape of a round-nosed shovel.

5S recognizes individuals active in protecting the water environment through participation in Local, State, and/or Federal sponsored activities. 

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