Ventura Water Outreach Team

First Place
 Tri-Counties Section

Ventura Water embarked on its “Droughtreach” campaign in response to the Emergency Orders adopted by the SWRCB in May 2022. The Ventura Water Team lead by Stephen Glenn with Grant White and Susie Birch encouraged voluntary water use reduction to meet and exceed the 20% mark. Using social media, bill inserts, Public Meetings, Videos, newsletters, gardening series, rebate programs, and outreach tables the Team helped the City of Ventura to reach almost 30% reduction in water use without imposing mandatory restrictions. Interest in the rebate programs and incentives resumed after a few years of stagnation and staff was commended on their communication with the public.


The Community Engagement & Outreach Program of the Year recognizes significant achievements in promoting awareness and understanding of water quality issues. There are three categories: Small (Less than 5 MGD), Medium (Greater than or equal to 5 MGD and less than or equal to 20 MGD), Large (Greater than 20 MGD).

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