Tiffany Ishaya

First Place
 Santa Clara Valley Section

Tiffany Ishaya
Santa Clara Valley Section (SCVS)
Tiffany is the Senior Laboratory Analyst at Silicon Valley Clean Water in Redwood City where she has 6 years of experience in the laboratory. She has a CWEA Laboratory Analyst Grade III certification and has been an enthusiastic member of the SCVS CWEA Board for the past two years as Secretary and then Treasurer. In the laboratory, she quickly advanced through the positions and has learned every analysis including acute bioassay, IC, and ICP. She is a member of the Laboratory Management team and accepted the ELAP/TNI role of Quality Manager. Tiffany brings energy and enthusiasm to her work on the Board and to the laboratory. She admits that she enjoys her work and that she looks forward to coming to work each day. Tiffany has a BA in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry from SF State University.


The Laboratory Person of the Year award recognizes involvement in projects that advance the science of laboratory technology and an individual’s contributions to CWEA.

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