Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

First Place
 Los Angeles Basin Section

The project (Connecting with Our Community During COVID-19) recognizes that especially during a pandemic, sanitation agencies must communicate timely and accurate information in ways that are factual, science-based, and clear to the communities we serve. Our project uses new partnerships and new approaches to provide such communications.

Over the past 20 months, these new approaches increased our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers by 15%, 16%, and 15%, respectively. During COVID-19, we have hosted 24 virtual tours and participation in these tours has more than tripled as compared to pre-pandemic in-person tours.

The world has changed. Accordingly, the Sanitation Districts’ outreach and education programs have changed, and will continue to adapt. The challenges we overcame have renewed our commitment to our mission and taught us new ways to communicate and better engage with the people we serve.


The Community Engagement & Outreach Program of the Year recognizes significant achievements in promoting awareness and understanding of water quality issues. There are three categories: Small (Less than 5 MGD), Medium (Greater than or equal to 5 MGD and less than or equal to 20 MGD), Large (Greater than 20 MGD).

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