Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts for Research Achievement in Full-Scale Evaluation of the High Purity Oxygen Ludzack-Ettinger (HPOLE) Process at the A.K. Warren Water Resource Facility

First Place
 Los Angeles Basin Section

Amidst a severe drought gripping much of the western United States, the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (Districts) are working with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California through the Pure Water Southern California (PWSC) program to address water scarcity challenges. The Districts have been recycling water since 1962, and now they aim to increase water recycling at the A.K. Warren Water Resource Facility for up to 150 million gallons per day (MGD) through the PWSC initiative, potentially making it one of the largest water recycling projects globally. To support this program, the Districts are exploring nitrogen removal at a high purity oxygen activated sludge (HPOAS) facility. Successful operation of High Purity Oxygen Ludzack-Ettinger (HPOLE) is anticipated to reduce capital and operational costs, diminish solids production, enhance nutrient removal flexibility, and leverage existing infrastructure, ensuring the sustainability and success of the PWSC program in addressing water scarcity and environmental concerns.


The Dr. Jenkins Research Achievement award recognizes outstanding engineering research by an individual, group, or agency.

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