Ironhouse Sanitary District, Delta Diablo, Byron Sanitary District, City of Brentwood, Town of Discovery Bay

First Place
 San Francisco Bay Section

In Northern California’s East Contra Costa County, a coalition of five-public agencies —Byron Sanitary District, City of Brentwood, Delta Diablo, Ironhouse Sanitary District and the Town of Discovery Bay — created a regional public outreach campaign to help customers understand the environmental impacts that are caused by flushing personal hygiene wipes marked “flushable” or “flush-friendly”. The coalition developed a two-month campaign that featured a cross-boundaries, bilingual advertising/marketing campaign, entitled “No Wipes in the Pipes”, to reach an estimated regional population of 340,000 residents, business owners, daycare facilities, and senior centers. The campaign allowed the coalition agencies to pool resources, expand the geographical reach for messaging and divide costs to saturate the local market with outreach and education programs about flushable and non-flushable wipes.


The Community Engagement & Outreach Program of the Year recognizes significant achievements in promoting awareness and understanding of water quality issues. There are three categories – small, medium and large.

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