Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

First Place
 San Francisco Bay Section

The Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Central San) designed the Pipe Protectors Program to fill a void in wastewater education, as Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd-grade programming simply doesn’t exist. As part of this effort, Central San wanted to create a program with accessible characters that young students could relate to easily. The district felt it was especially important that the characters be representative of the heterogeneous communities it serves.

The Pipe Protectors Program has been tremendous in helping students understand wastewaters’ complex path from their homes back to local waterways. This is incredibly important as it helps Central San’s youngest customers support efforts towards pollution prevention and maintaining a reliable infrastructure. Pipe Protectors does all of this in a way that is accessible to students and empowers them to take action to help protect public health and the environment.


The Community Engagement & Outreach Program of the Year recognizes significant achievements in promoting awareness and understanding of water quality issues. There are three categories: Small (Less than 5 MGD), Medium (Greater than or equal to 5 MGD and less than or equal to 20 MGD), Large (Greater than 20 MGD).

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