ALERT: Phishing Scams on the Rise During Pandemic

Members in the News

Below is an email that was targeted to some of our CWEA leaders. Thankfully, they were able to recognize this as a scam and did not transfer funds. Do not fall for these kinds of attacks. Scammers can find your section President and Treasurers information on the website, making these attacks more believable.

Please be aware of this and take extra steps to vet requests of this nature. Any urgent message appearing to come from a fellow board member, local section board member or CWEA staff requesting money or gift cards or transfer of funds is a scammer. Please consider those messages carefully before responding.

Example #1

Dear [your name]…

I trust you are keeping safe, I need you to process a payment of $2,755
for networking activities. Kindly let me know your most preferable
option for you so I can have the payment information sent to you.

[CWEA President’s Name]

Example #2

Hi [your name]…

I sincerely hope everyone of you and your families stay safe and healthy
at this very difficult time.

The situation is getting crazy all around the world because of the
COVID-19, However, let me know when you are available as i need you to
take care of some transactions today.

[CWEA President’s Name]