Are you proud of your work, your colleagues, your plant, or your team? Make it known and apply for the CWEA-MBS Awards!

There are over 20 categories for CWEA/MBS awards. Each one has been designed to honor exceptional CWEA-MBS members and California wastewater professionals, facilities and agencies. Nominations for our local MBS section awards use the state CWEA forms and should be submitted through the online CWEA process before 11:59 pm PST on November 8th, 2024 (National Cappuccino Day).  The MBS awards nominations will be reviewed and winners announced at our MBS Awards Banquet. The MBS awards winners will be automatically submitted to the state level and winners at that level will be announced at the CWEA annual conference. Our local MBS Awards Chairperson is Beatriz Barranco, if you have questions find her contact information on our Board of Directors page. Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1 REVIEW THE APPLICATION PROCESS: Video can be viewed here.

STEP 2 PREPARE AWARD PACKAGE: Prepare your narrative based on the criteria in STEP 1. Some awards use a nomination form. Save your narrative or nomination form as one PDF. Supporting documents, if applicable must be saved as a separate PDF. Choose one photo to include with your application, this can be a jpeg file of yourself or your team.

 STEP 3 SUBMIT AWARD PACKAGE: Upload your award package (narrative/nomination form; supporting documents (if applicable) and photo by filling out the award application here. 

The aim of this annual competition is to encourage outstanding achievements within the water environment field, improve the professional status of all personnel working in the field, and stimulate public awareness of the importance of wastewater treatment to public health and the water environment.

Winners will be honored at the Annual CWEA Conference.

Top Ten reasons to make a CWEA awards nomination by Kay Allen of the TriCounties sections are:

  1. Awards are fun to get!
  2. Great additions to office wall space.
  3. Awards come in many forms – from the illustrious Plant of the Year Award to the prestigious Collections System Person of the Year to the esteemed Outstanding Young Professional of the Year.
  4. Award winners names are prominently displayed on the E-Bulletin, in your Local Section newsletter, in the Awards Gallery at the Annual Conference, etc.
  5. Awards are great motivational tools.
  6. Looks great on your resume.
  7. Great for showing your staff how much you appreciate their work.
  8. Local Section winner’s nominations are forwarded to the state to compete for state-wide awards.
  9. Awards show your agency’s governing body that your staff members are well respected professionals in their field.
  10. The recipient of a CWEA award can proudly point to their award to prove they really know their stuff!

Let us know your reasons! How have the awards helped you in your career?