The Collection System of the Year award is given in recognition of outstanding maintenance programs, regulatory compliance and safety & training procedures.

Awards are given in three categories: Small, Medium and Large.


Nominee must be a CWEA member (CWEA numbers are no longer in use, CWEA will check status of membership)

Nominee must hold a current Collection Systems certification by CWEA. 

Nominee has direct operations/maintenance responsibilities in a collection system.

(Not more than 10% of nominee’s time should be spent performing administrative duties; majority of time must be spent in collection systems function.) 

If you are selected as your local section winner, you will be asked to enter in the remaining questions of this application in the next round. Those questions are not included in this round.

Two options for applying: 

You can download the fillable PDF form and return it via the upload link below OR you can fill in all the fields online. Important note: please choose one format not both. Only one format will be judged.

Collection System of the Year Fillable PDF Form

The remainder of the form will be made available if you are a winner at the Local Section level.



For most CWEA awards, you must apply at your Local Section level first. Direct your questions to the Local Section Awards Chair. If you need additional assistance, contact Megan Barillo at [email protected].