Local Section Award Highlight

Cayucos Sustainable Water Project

Forward Thinking Sustainable Solution

Working collaboratively through planning, design, and construction, WSC and the Cayucos Sanitary District envisioned and delivered a state-of-the-art solution that benefits the community: a new water resource recovery facility outside the coastal zone that creates a sustainable water supply from a previously disposed water resource and complies with the Regional Water Quality Control Board requirements.

The project consists of two phases. Phase 1 includes construction of a new Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF), related conveyance pipelines, production of disinfected tertiary treated water for agricultural irrigation, process water, fire protection and discharge to the new ocean outfall.

The new WRRF can produce Title 22 compliant recycled water, a significant benefit to local control of the community’s water sustainability and portfolio. The new .34 MGD greenfield water resource recovery facility—created a locally controlled supply of high-quality water that will be used for agricultural irrigation and to offset demand for potable water. The facility also positions the community for future direct or indirect potable reuse(phase 2), and is an important step in creating a local drought-proof water supply for Cayucos.

Treatment Processes at the new facility include primary (coarse screening, grit removal, and fine screenings), Secondary (activated sludge bioreactor with pre- and post-anoxic solids dewatering), and Tertiary (micro-filtration, UV disinfection, and future reverse osmosis) systems.


Key Elements of Success

  • Forward thinking sustainable solution
  • Effective permitting strategy
  • Proactive stakeholder and community engagement
  • Pre-Procurement of select process equipment
  • Overcoming construction challenges
  • Thoughtful project bid packaging
  • Teamwork

Read more about this project at: https://expectwsc.com/project/cayucos-water-sustainability-project/

Photos courtesy of Ashley & Vance Engineering

Local Section Job Opportunity

Local Section Job Opportunity:  Goleta Sanitary is looking for a Maintenance Technician 1, who works under the direction of the Facility Maintenance Supervisor, this full-time position is responsible for skilled level work in the maintenance of all of the facility equipment, including preventive maintenance, lubrication, repairs to pumps, valves, bearings, and belts; this includes repairs to buildings and physical structures. Applicants must have a basic working knowledge of computers, automotive and electrical skills, ability to read, interpret, and follow blueprints, diagrams and sketches, safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, equipment procedures and repair manuals. Welding knowledge and experience is highly desirable. This position is hourly and is subject to emergency call–in and other duties as assigned.

If you are interested  in this great opportunity see the flyer below:

Maint Tech I Job Flyer

The City of Paso Robles is excited to announce an exceptional career opportunity for a Chief Plant Operator of the Wastewater Treatment Plant within our Utilities Department. The Wastewater Division’s mission is to protect public health and the environment in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The division owns and operates 126 miles of sewers and 13 lift stations to collect wastewater from all of Paso Robles and transport it to a wastewater treatment plant at the north end of the City. The treatment plant has multiple processes to produce water that is safe for discharge to the Salinas River and for recycling. The Chief Plant Operator is responsible for managing the daily activities of the publicly owned wastewater treatment plant and; ensuring compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations for surface water discharge. The City is seeking a visionary leader who is detailed oriented and a strong communicator. If this exciting leadership role interests you, please do not hesitate to apply today!

Job Posting: City of Paso Robles_ Chief Plant Operator

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